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North America

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The Splendor of Italy

From the ancient ruins of Rome to the scenic, laid-back town of Sorrento, our partner Italy tours offer everything you could desire in a vacation. For value-minded travelers, Italy has so much to explore-the vibrant cities, medieval hill towns, beautiful countryside, and scenic Amalfi Coast. Taste the mouth-watering cuisine in Tuscany; step back in history in Pompeii; and glide through the canals in Venice. Or discover the hidden treasures in Italy’s world-class shops and relax by Lake Maggiore. Guided Italy tours give you these delightful opportunities-all at an affordable price.

Theme Park Destinations

When it comes to family fun, there’s nothing quite like theme parks or a theme park vacation! Exceptional Travel makes it easy by putting your family right in the middle of the action with resort properties close to all your favorite theme parks across the U.S. From Orlando and Gatlinburg to Branson and beyond, we’ve designed exclusive theme park vacation packages featuring the ultimate in thrills and excitement.